Privacy and security when sharing your sanctuary for escape.

Around the world, people have diverse terms for their cherished second home properties, each reflecting the unique character of the dwelling and its surroundings. From the cozy "cabin" nestled in wooded landscapes to the breezy "beach house" overlooking sandy shores, the Alpine allure of a "chalet," a tranquil "summer home" or a rustic "cottage". These abodes provide a sanctuary from the routine, fostering cherished memories and relaxation.

We understand why people don't want to put their second home on public rental platforms (like Airbnb), but many are still open to sharing their special space with only those that they trust. We created CabinPals for you.


We're the founders of CabinPals, leveraging 20+ years of combined startup experience, including navigating challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. With executive MBAs and roles as board members and advisors in various startups, we thrive at the intersection of people, technology, and business.

CabinPals emerged from our Executive MBA Capstone project in real estate, officially established in early 2023 after a year of development with key partners like Startup Norway and Dansk Kyst og Naturturisme.

Our mission is to combat underutilization of property , applying circular economy principles to property ownership. Join us on this exciting journey!

Kendra Bannister


A Canadian mechanical engineer with 10+ years in Denmark, Kendra excels in product development, design thinking, quality management, and supply chain. A proven leader, she effectively guides multidisciplinary teams to execute complex projects, delivering successful products for a global clientele.

Attila Sukosd


Specializing in making the impossible a reality, Attila started programming at 11 when his parents gave him his first computer. Now a computer engineer (DTU) and entrepreneur at heart, he has founded a number of startups, with Airtame being the biggest to date. His expertise lies in building high-performing teams, overseeing complex hw/software products, creating out-of-the-box solutions, and guiding teams through difficult situations with calm, calculated decisions.

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